AB Kelva

Product Profile - World’s leading supplier of web and sheet cleaning solutions for the treatment and converting of material such as paper, corrugated board, fabric, non-woven, film or glass, removing smallest particles, dust, fibers, and other foreign matter without affecting the production processes.

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Booth No. A78, Hall No. 4


Product Profile - Manufacturer exporter of Starch-based Powder adhesives and other Modified Starches

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Booth No. A74, Hall No. 4

Arofine Polymers

Product Profile – Manufacturers of high quality and cost-effective high tech conventional Arobond water-based adhesives. Their wide range of adhesives meets the demand of pharma, printing, and packaging industry across the globe.

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Booth No. B52A, Hall No. 4

Artize Die Makers

Product Profile – Specialized manufacturers & supplier of Computerized Laser Die, Laser Cutting Die, Paper Cutting Dies, Wooden Die, Bakelite Dies, Screen Guard Dies, Hot Foil Stamping Blocks, Easy Fix Plate, Male-Female Stripping Tools, Automatic dies for – BOBST Die, Eterna Dies, & Embossing Dies.

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Booth No. A46, Hall No. 4

B.R.D. Manufacturing Company

Product Profile - Manufacturing, wholesaling & exporting a wide range of Corrugation Machines, Corrugated Board Machines, and Carton Box Making Machines.

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Booth No. A18, Hall No. 4

Baumer India Pvt Ltd

Product Profile - Manufacturer of Ultrasonic Sensors, Vision Sensors, Color Sensor, Level Sensor.

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Booth No. A49, Hall No. 4

BK Industries

Product Profile - Manufacturer and deal in all type of single & double facers corrugated rollers and industrial gears.

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Booth No. B3, Hall No. 4

Boix Machinery India Private Limited

Product Profile - Manufacture machines designed to meet the demands of corrugated board manufacturers. They have a range of tray formers which includes models that can be used to form and glue both corrugated and solid board packaging.

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Booth No. A40, Hall No. 4


Product Profile – Exporter and Distributor in the domain of machinery and consumables for the Graphic Art Industry. CGSASP is emerging as the leading pioneer in the printing and packaging industry.

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Booth No. A44, Hall No. 4

DuPont Cyrel Solutions

Product Profile - DuPont™ Cyrel® Solutions offers the broadest portfolio of flexo plates and plate making systems, with solutions developed specifically for the corrugated market.

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Booth No. A34B, Hall No. 4


Product Profile - E+L offers system solutions for web guiding/web tension control up to and including the automatic adjustment/configuration of all important production.

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Booth No. A42, Hall No. 4

Flotech Machineries Pvt Ltd

Product Profile - Manufacturer and Exporter of a wide array of Rotary Joints, Rotary Unions, Swivel Joints, Corrugated Board Making Plant.

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Booth No. A24A, Hall No. 4

GumCorru Machines

Product Profile – Manufacturer of Glue and Adhesives Processing Machinery.

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Booth No. A75, Hall No. 4

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems

Product Profile - Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (‘Kongsberg PCS’) delivers the most robust and reliable digital cutting solutions to packaging, signage, display, and manufacturing markets worldwide.

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Booth No. A16, Hall No. 4


Product Profile - Manufactures technologically advanced and high-performance converting machinery for corrugated board out of high-quality materials produced in the European Union.

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Booth No. B58, Hall No. 4

Manna Pack Tech India

Product Profile - Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, and exporter of Corrugated Carton Box Making Machines and United Spare parts

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Booth No. B62, Hall No. 4

Mark Engineering Services

Product Profile - Technical Audit & Consultancy of HEATING SYSTEM (Boiler, etc).

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Booth No. B51, Hall No. 4


Product Profile – Manufacturers of Box Stitching Machine.

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Booth No. A79, Hall No. 4

MLM India

Product Profile - Importer and intender of quality paper, paperboard, pulp, and newsprint in India

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Booth No. A80, Hall No. 4


Product Profile – Manufacturer of strapping machines, high-quality strapping materials, and complex systems for securing your goods in transit.

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Booth No. A60, Hall No. 4

Panchsheel Wires Pvt Ltd


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Booth No. B12, Hall No. 4

Pap-Tech Engineers & Associates

Product Profile - Manufacturer of Physical Testing Equipment’s, Paper Testing Equipment’s & Paper Mill Machinery.

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Booth No. B54, Hall No. 4


Product Profile - ERP solution provider.

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Booth No. B47, Hall No. 4

Siegwerk India

Product Profile - Offers water-based printing inks and various coatings for all common forms of paper and board packaging.

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Booth No. A73A, Hall No. 4

Soham Technologies

Product Profile - Import, Export, and Trader in the distribution of Print-Consumables.

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Booth No. A58A, Hall No. 4

Specialty Urethanes Pvt Ltd

Product Profile - Specialty urethanes are the leading cast Polyurethane product manufacturer in India. Our ‘SUPRATHANE’- Cast PU products are preferred

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Booth No. B59, Hall No. 4


Product Profile - Specialized in producing high-speed flexo printers and converting equipment’s.

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Booth No. A64, Hall No. 4

Unisource Papers

Product Profile - Manufacturer and wholesaler of Kraft Paper, Kraft Liner Board, White Top Kraft Liner, and Corrugated Medium Paper Roll

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Booth No. A72, Hall No. 4